Today, generations of the same family tend to coexist in the same living space more commonly than in years past. What do we mean by this? College graduates are moving home in the years following graduation, older parents are moving in with their adult children when health problems arise, and families are learning to live together again. When this happens, you can’t live on top of each other in a cramped home. So, what’s the solution? An in-law suite addition in your Northern Virginia home could very well be the answer!


In-Law Suite Additions in Northern Virginia

In-law suite additions allow you to add on to your existing home and give everyone the space and privacy they crave. Perhaps you’ve imagined transforming that unused basement or garage space into a functional apartment area with its separate entryway, bedrooms and bathrooms. Maybe you’ve thought about adding an extended apartment with a separate entrance and complete kitchen. Whatever you can dream of, we can help!

At Houzz Build Construction we are prepared to plan, design, and build an addition for your mother or father-in-law that you can only dream about. We offer a wide variety of floor plans, solutions, and ideas. Have your plan or design ideas? No worries—we can work with you to bring your custom creation to life!

Planning Your New Addition

In-law additions are unique to every family. When planning you’re remodeling, think about what’s important to the family members that will be residing in your new space. Whatever that may be—a separate kitchen, a master bathroom, or something else entirely—can be included in your plan.

Our design/build professionals can provide for all of your in-law suite addition needs, including:

  • Design services, including providing design ideas
  • Custom floorplans
  • Bathroom additions/remodeling
  • Kitchen additions/remodeling
  • Guest room additions
  • Separate entryways
  • And more!

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction, so your needs are put first when we are designing and building your in-law suite. Contact us today  for more information on our design process!

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