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HouzzBuild Construction is a full-service property remodeling contractor based in Virginia. Our specialties include new home construction services, home renovation, remodeling, roofing, re-designing, home addition, outdoor living, and other home building services. We are a state-licensed builder with highly reputable work practices that meet all necessary criteria for construction and building projects. 

HouzzBuild Construction, our fine craftsmen are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality home construction services. Throughout our stages of the construction process, from design and planning to maintenance and remodeling, we use only the finest quality materials. This ensures that your project will stand the test of time. Apart from our materials, our customer services make us different from the rest of the market; we offer our passionate support throughout the project cycle to help you achieve complete satisfaction. 

Likewise, we pay close attention to all aspects of our projects so that nothing is left out that can cause inconvenience in the future. When we work on our client’s project, we plan and design with the future in mind and consider their future needs, which helps in creating spaces that can be rejoiced throughout their lives.

We have the knowledge and experience to handle your project right from the start. We can also work with your architect or builder to make sure everything is handled correctly and any problems are solved in a timely manner. We are always ready to address any issue during the custom home construction process and ensure that we provide a sustainable solution. We take the stress out of building a home. Houzz Build Construction is a company that can be both trusted and relied upon. 

At Houzz Build Construction, we pride ourselves on great communication, customer satisfaction, and attention to detail. In addition, our experienced craftsman and supervisor are always in your reach to provide you with quick responses to your requests. As we are building your house, you can visit our model homes to see how we build each house, so you know what to expect.

We are always excited to meet you and see your dreams come true!

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Our mission is to provide the best quality work and service while also upholding the greatest standa...

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To become the most preferred construction company and offer specialized services in creati...

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We complete all our projects using the best quality of material while taking every precaution for yo...



Our roofing services are reasonably priced and well-timed.The sky becomes your limit if you have a reliable roof over your heads. Therefore, we offer exceptional roofing services that are not only well-timed but are reasonably priced, offering safety and security.

HB Remodeling

From small upgrades to major home remodeling and renovation, Houzbuild Construction does it all. With us, be worry-free as your work will be done with industry-leading experts and artisans, and they cater to all your home remodeling needs.

HB Outdoor Living

We offer innovative designs and flawless project execution.Your dream home is incomplete if you don't have an outdoor space. We make beautiful outdoor living spaces that match your personal style. From traditional to modern, our innovative designs and flawless project execution make all the difference for you.

HB New Construction

Providing exceptional design, quality construction, and personalized services for all your new construction needs. At Houzz Build Construction, we ensure that your homes become the center of attraction for all your visitors and put them in awe and reverence


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Meet The Team

All the experts in our team are licensed and certified and ready to put your needs first to bring a drastic change for you.

Ved Sharma

Founder & President, Houzzbuild Construction LLC

Ken Reed


Jorge Molina

Field Manager

Divya Thakur

Digital Marketing Manager

We Love Our Clients, and They Love Us Back!

I wanted to have a new house as my parents’ home was old and we had to go through many problems on a daily basis. So I contacted Houzzbuild Construction to ask them if I demolish my home the how much time will it take to construct a new one. Their representative visited our home and asked about our expectations and budget. He suggested to us the latest styles of homes and the best materials. Well, our work started, and the time their representative gave us, the work was done before it. Thank you, Houzzbuild Construction!

Robert Reed


The roof of my house was damaged after heavy rainfall and storm. I was looking for professionals that could complete my work in less time and less money. I got to know about Houzzbuild Construction, and I contacted them. Their had various materials for roofing, and their knowledge about every material was terrific. They took care of my roofing task responsibly and completed the whole work in no time.

Andrew Ross 


Our experience has been incredibly wonderful. It was truly fantastic working with Houzzbuild Construction. Their assistance in selecting materials and advice was exceptional. They have a lot of options that cannot be found anywhere else.

Louis Sanchez


My house was built by my grandfather, and it was too old. I was really embarrassed to call my friends for a party. One of my relatives recommended me House Build Constructions. I approached them and told them about my very little budget. Their staff was really professional and provided great customer support. They suggested various approaches to make my home better. As they started their work, I was not really impressed, but I was surprised by their results after completion. Good Job House Build Constructions!

Vincent Taylor


I have been in the real estate sector for the past few years. I visited various companies for the custom home construction services. I have given many projects to many companies. I must admit that House Build Construction’s team is far ahead of other companies.

Eugene Anderson