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If you’ve ever looked at newly constructed houses and wondered, “Who lives there?” You probably don’t have to wonder anymore—the answer is successful or well-off people.

But imagine if you could have something even more beautiful than that. Imagine if your house could represent not just your success but your unique personality and character. Imagine if the house could tell your story—not just through its architecture but also through its design and decor.

Imagine if you could walk into your home each day, feel a surge of pride at how incredible it looks, and know that this house is all about YOU.

We can make that happen for you.

We believe that new construction projects are always exciting, but a lot can go wrong if the project isn’t handled by a professional company like Houzz Build Construction.

At Houzz Build Construction, our motive is to build custom homes where individuals feel their personality is reflected through the design and style. We take a different approach every time while catering to the unique needs of our clients. We believe in building different types of houses for different people, and we will work with you to create your dream home. 

Once you have decided to embark on a new construction project with us, there are many questions to answer: Where do you want to build? What kind of house do you want? Will you be hiring an architect or working from plans? These are just some of the questions that must be answered before construction can begin.

Depending on your answers, we can work from your own plans or with an architect to design a home from start to finish. When building a custom home, you decide on almost all the details in your home and can even work closely with our team to design a floor plan that works for you. This way, you can take advantage of the views that are available at your property and create your dream home.

As mentioned earlier, our design process begins with an interview to determine what kind of home you are looking for. Which materials, what aesthetic, how many rooms and bathrooms, and so on. We will keep you updated on our progress every step of the way so that no surprises pop up during construction. If anything comes up that would require changes to the original plan we laid out, we will consult with you before making any adjustments. 

 We can build your house from the ground up, including:

- Foundation

 - Framing

 - Drywall

 - Painting

 - Trimming

 - Flooring (tiles, carpet, laminate), etc.

 We ensure that our prices remain very competitive, and we guarantee you 100% satisfaction. Contact us today for a no-obligation written quote. 

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HB New Construction

If you’ve ever looked at newly constructed houses and wondered, “Who lives there?” You probably don’t have to wonder anymore—the answer is successful or well-off people.

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I wanted to have a new house as my parents’ home was old and we had to go through many problems on a daily basis. So I contacted Houzzbuild Construction to ask them if I demolish my home the how much time will it take to construct a new one. Their representative visited our home and asked about our expectations and budget. He suggested to us the latest styles of homes and the best materials. Well, our work started, and the time their representative gave us, the work was done before it. Thank you, Houzzbuild Construction!

Robert Reed


The roof of my house was damaged after heavy rainfall and storm. I was looking for professionals that could complete my work in less time and less money. I got to know about Houzzbuild Construction, and I contacted them. Their had various materials for roofing, and their knowledge about every material was terrific. They took care of my roofing task responsibly and completed the whole work in no time.

Andrew Ross 


Our experience has been incredibly wonderful. It was truly fantastic working with Houzzbuild Construction. Their assistance in selecting materials and advice was exceptional. They have a lot of options that cannot be found anywhere else.

Louis Sanchez


My house was built by my grandfather, and it was too old. I was really embarrassed to call my friends for a party. One of my relatives recommended me House Build Constructions. I approached them and told them about my very little budget. Their staff was really professional and provided great customer support. They suggested various approaches to make my home better. As they started their work, I was not really impressed, but I was surprised by their results after completion. Good Job House Build Constructions!

Vincent Taylor


I have been in the real estate sector for the past few years. I visited various companies for the custom home construction services. I have given many projects to many companies. I must admit that House Build Construction’s team is far ahead of other companies.

Eugene Anderson