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The Signs That Indicate The Need For Roof Replacement

Seasonal maintenance can increase the lifespan of your roof; it enables your roof to last for more than 20 years. 

However, there is no specific time when you have to go for roof replacement, but some signs can indicate that you should contact an efficient and professional contractor or company on an immediate basis. 

Let's have a look what are those signs:

1. When You Can See Cracked or Missing Shingles On The Roof Of Your Home:

Shingles are like the first line of defense against all the natural elements, and they are a crucial part of your roof. Because of high winds and heavy rainfall or any other natural element, they can be cracked with the passage of time, and sometimes they can go missing. 

Your shingles can indicate when roof replacement is necessary—for instance, look out for clawing, curling, cracks, or missing shingles. 

Clawing is when the shingle gets kind of upwards from the middle, and curling is when the shingle turns upwards. These signs can occur because of heat or improper ventilation, etc. 

Thus, Shingles can be an essential part of identifying the need for roof replacement.

 2. When You Witness The Formation Of Algae Or Molds

The discoloration of your roof can occur because of the growth of molds, algae, moss, or mildew. 

Temporary initiatives can be considered to stop their growth. However, if they are present for a long time, they can form cracks, and those cracks might not be repaired.

It depends on the specific case. Experts of Houzzbuild Construction can detect and recommend the best solution. It would be best if you notice them initially, then contact the professional and see if the roof needs to be repaired or it would be replaced. 

3. When You Observe Miscellaneous Signs

When going for a roof replacement, an expert can determine whether it needs a repair or replacement. 

Sagging of roof, seeing fragments of shingles in a gutter, or if a roof is replaced or constructed before 20 years can also signify that your property needs a roof replacement. These signs can be seen collectively or independently. 

Sagging of a roof occurs when it is really old and needs a replacement. If we talk about seeing granules in a gutter line, it can also be seen when your roof is new, but after several years, it can indicate a series of problems with your roof. 


Everything has a life, whether it is your car or your bread. You can increase its life by taking care of it, but still, there is a limit.

Similarly, the life of a roof also has a limit, and the roof is expected to save you and your family from natural mishaps. 

Therefore, you need an expert to inspect it and inform you about the best possible solution. 


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